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Where every stay is unique.


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Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are great for play, exercise and therapy. While you may enjoy a day at the beach⁠, you would love a dip in our glamorous pool surrounded by posh lounges with great food and wine where you can cool off and swim in style.

Free Wifi

Free Wi-Fi is one thing, but free and fast Wi-Fi is harder to find. Whether business, family or personal engagements, our super fast Wi-Fi gets you connected to family and friends. No buffering at Beulah.

Airport Taxi

Never worry when you get to town, your chauffeur will be on-call. Enjoy your city driving, office drops and pick-up, outstation trips and night outs with our experienced drivers.


Once you taste our delicious breakfast, you’ll look forward to staying forever. Enjoy a generous breakfast buffet and gain strength for your holiday at Royal Beulah.

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From the engagement to the joyous day and all the important milestones in between, Royal Beulah Hotel can handle...

Host a Family Party

When you host a party or family reunion, the special celebrations let you strengthen bonds with those you hold...